Chairman's  Message

Vision and National Objective

In 2014, Mowasalat (Karwa) marked 10 years of service to Qatar’s community

Mowasalat is growing evolving to aptly support the Ministry of Transport & Communications in achieving its vision and National objective. As transport solutions provider the company is evolving with innovative solutions keeping pace with the evolution of Qatar itself, its economic development and its changing place in the world.

Mowasalat was founded in accordance with the provisions of Qatari Law as a joint stock company completely owned by the Government of the State of Qatar. Mowasalat aims to Qatar Public Transportation's Benefit whereas, Mowasalat was awarded the privilege of public transport management.

As an organization, we are committed in developing sustainable and efficient transport systems and contribute to the sustained mobility network and transportation system in the country with care and attention to quality, health, safety and environmental matters upholding core values of the company. We will maintain our knowledge of Qatari laws and regulations and assure compliance with those relevant to us through our Integrated Management System programs and procedures.

With the unstinted support of His Excellency Mr. Jassem Saif Al Sulaiti Minister of Transport & Communications , the leaders of the Nation, my colleagues at the Board and continued efforts of our employees, we want to be the Public's favored Transport Corporation for delivering reliable, efficient and quality transport services to fulfill investors & customers’ requirements.

Our commitment and investment today is to provide a base for growing public transport usage and mass transportation embracing latest technology, adapting to innovative measures to grow in the robust economic environment. We do have the responsibility to protect the environment, conserve nonrenewable energy resources, identify green energy sources, and synergize innovation & technology and work for a sustained growth.