Public Service Vehicle

Public service Vehicle

Riding on Public bus in Qatar: 

Mowasalat-Karwa provides a frequent, reliable bus service throughout Doha and to all major communities in Qatar. Buses are modern, air conditioned with low floor access and space for wheelchairs on most types of bus. A new fleet of luxury buses with reclining seats are used on longer services to Al Khor, Al Shamal, Dukhan and Messieed as well as Airport Express service.


Mowasalat operates a total of 50 routes starting as early as 4am with last buses timed to depart around 11pm. Most routes operate from Doha Bus Station situated near the gold souq. 

Fares are attractively priced starting from as little as Qr2.50 for short trips with a maximum single fare of Qr9 to Al Shamal and Abu Samra on the Saudi border. 

Passengers are advised to procure “Karwasmartcard” cashless, ticketless card. 


Our Services through Hamad International Airport:

  • 747 - DBS to Airport

  • 777 - Airport to City Center – Circular

  • 109 - DBS via Airport to Mesaied.

  • 737 - Karwa Bus Station (KBS) to (HIA) via industrial area & Barwa city  





    Three types of Karwasmartcard: The classic card at a cost of Qr.10/- and may be topped up with any amount in multiples of Qr.10/-. The cost of card Qr.10/- will be credited back to customer after Qr.300/- mark is reached.

    • 24-hour limited card at Qr.10/- for two journey in 24 hours of purchase.
    • 24-hour unlimited card at Qr.20/- for any number of journey in 24 hours of purchase.
    • Available at: Karwasmartcards can be purchased and topped up at Central Bus station or from any of our merchants; Also from vending machine located at Central bus station.
    Top up can be done through Oredoo Self Serving machines with Karwasmartcard logo located across Doha & suburbs (link to the list of location of SSM machine)
    Top up facilities available through PDA devices with Paytm logo

    Download Karwa SmartCard Merchant Location

    For more information, please call: 44366053 from 4.30 am – 9.00 pm. 


    • Qatar’s Ministry of Transport have launched this Bus Shuttle Service for the West Bay district. 
    • The West Bay Bus service provides a new transport choice for tourists and residents of Qatar to commute in the West bay area where parking is a challenge. There is park & ride option available in the bus hub located near Khalifa Squash & Tennis Federation,
    • West Bay. The fare is Qr.2/- per journey. Karwasmartcard holders can access west bay shuttle service using the card. Passengers can also buy ticket from bus driver which will cost them Qr.10/- per two journey.

    Mowasalat is set to broaden and improve its bus network in the 747 route starting from the 1st of May 2017 as the following:                                                     

    -          Route 747 Hamad International Airport (HIA ) to Doha Bus Station (DBS) Modification

    -          Frequency every 20 minutes.

    -          From Hamad International Airport (HIA) to Doha Bus Station (DBS) covering major hotels in city.

    -          Change made to cover major hotels around Doha Bus Station (DBS), Corniche and Ola Salata area.



    Mowasalat is set to broaden and improve its bus network in the 737 route starting from the 1st of May 2017 as the following:

    -          Route 737 operates Karwa Bus station (KBS) to Hamad International Airport (HIA)

    -          Frequency every 30 minutes.

    -          Route passes by Barwa City, Religious complex Mesaimeer Health Center.

    -          Industrial area, Barwa city users can avail this service to HIA.